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Many people think that only a certain "type" of person needs counseling, someone who fits into a certain category; however, that line of thinking is very far from the truth. In times of family crisis, illness, marriage breakdown, or other stress factors, any person may benefit from talking to a caring professional, who can offer insights or a perspective different from their own.

Often a person in a crisis situation has lost hope that their situation can or will ever be any different. Hope is essential to life as oil is to an engine. When we lose hope we lose motivation. A person may regret past failure(s) and feel worthless. With GOD, we don't have to look back with regret, we can look forward with hope! God can change any situation and He can restore hope.

Over the years, God has seen fit to bless my counseling and I have seen a number of marriages restored, parent/child relationships healed, and individuals--both young and older--whose lives have been changed for the better.

Who can benefit from counseling?
Short answer: Any of us!

We named our service ADVANCE because we like the meaning of the word; it can mean: to progress; to move on; to go on; to help on; to aid; to cause to move forward; to accelerate the growth or progress... These are my goals in counseling--to aid/help you, to encourage you to move forward, and make progress, through whatever situation you are experiencing right now.

Give me a call at (409) 860-3907. I'd like to help!

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